Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.


David Coleman has been with Kadima for 11 years! David serves as a Direct Care Worker in one of Kadima's 24-hour care homes, providing constant care and support to our clients.

Written By: David ColemanDavid


Prior to working with Kadima, I served as an Operation Specialist in the U.S Navy. I have now been with Kadima for 11 years because I enjoy what I do for our clients. I have become an advocate for people with mental health challenges since joining Kadima.

I provide support and care for our clients in many ways. I am a Direct Care Worker at one of our 24-hour care homes. Every day, I complete tasks such as reporting on client interactions in peer group, with Kadima staff, or in the community. I maintain household responsibilities, as well as aid clients in health and hygiene. I provide transportation to and from vocational programs, medical and dental appointments, recreational, cultural and religious activities.

A vital part of my role is maintaining accuracy in administering and documenting our clients’ treatment and medication plans. I account for proper medication dosages and meals throughout the day. Additionally, a client may have mobility, balance or strength limitations, so I am there to assist them. The hardest part of my job is when it is necessary to involve first responders because of a serious situation involving a client. I try to act as a positive role model, providing support and encouragement when it is needed.

I have numerous positive memories and moments which I have shared with Kadima clients and their families over the years, including birthdays and holidays. I believe Kadima employees support and assist all clients with their needs as if they are our own family members.