Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.

Andrew began his work with Kadima in March of 2017, serving as Kadima's Finance Director. Andrew also oversees Kadima's IT support and facility management, among other responsibilities.

Written By: Andrew ThompsonAndrew2

As I complete my first full year with Kadima I begin to reflect on the past twelve months. I came to Kadima with a mixed background. All of my previous positions were finance related. However, none of which were in health care. More specifically, in mental health. I have spent some time in a governmental setting at the airport as well as some time in an education setting.

When embarking on a new job you have lots of thoughts and emotions . . . . Will I enjoy the position? Is this the right career move? How long will it take to get acclimated? All of the normal, selfish thoughts we have. However, as I look back on the last 12 months I was looking at it all wrong. Kadima is more than a job. Kadima has an impact on everyone. And I mean EVERYONE.

Our team here at Kadima have made some great strides over the last couple of years. While I could write for days about the amazing accomplishments of my colleagues, it’s our clients who have had the most impact on me. What I have realized, and continued to realize, is our clients all have amazing stories. You just have to listen. And trust me, they will tell you their stories. We all have struggles and obstacles to overcome in life. Some more difficult than others. If we just stop and listen, it’s much easier to understand each other.

I am looking forward to many more years to come with Kadima. I look forward to learning more about our clients. I also look forward to learning more about the health issues that affect them and the research surrounding it.