Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.

MichelleMichelle serves as an Assistant Area Manager to Kadima, providing oversight to all Kadima homes and day to day operations. Michelle has been with Kadima for 7 years.

Written by: Michelle Yarbrough

Kadima has been like a second home to me since 2010. I love helping the people we serve move forward in their lives. Starting as a Direct Care Worker, then being promoted to Home Manager, and now making a lateral move to Assistant Area Manager is a wonderful experience and I am truly grateful and excited to see what’s in store for the future. I’m so pleased to be one of the people chosen to assist our clients. Helping our clients reach their goals is always top priority. All Kadima homes are designed to help each client with adult daily living. As Home Manager, all my clients felt safe and secure with me. I continue to work at the homes when needed because I enjoy taking our clients on outings and to different festivities.

Working in the mental health field can seem scary until you experience working with a client who is diagnosed with Bipolar and experience a genuine vibe. People who have a passion for helping others would love this kind of work. It’s fulfilling to know our clients and parents are reassured, knowing we will get the job done at Kadima. The client’s goals are the most important. I had a client who is very timid of some people but he opened up to me and it felt great to know he trusted me. Kadima is expanding day by day. The first day I started I was unsure if I wanted to stay or leave, but working with our clients really helped me make a great decision.

From our clients to our colleagues, it’s been nothing but true love. During my college years I majored in accounting only to realize years later that social work is my true passion. Working at Kadima is preparing me for my future endeavors. Kadima provides different aspects of life for our clients along with staff. This is your place, your home. I will continue to help Kadima strive to meet all of its vision, mission and values. Some companies don’t have the positive reflections, but Kadima does. Kadima shines bright! And I’m proud to be a part of Kadima!