Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.

Adam Zussman is a Principal at Gryphon Senior Living Group, and lives in Bloomfield Hills with his wife and two daughters. Adam has served on the committee for the Lois Zussman Golf Classic for the last two years, alongside  his father, Rick and grandfather, Milt. adam

Written By:  Adam Zussman 

My Grandparents have been involved with Kadima  ever since I can remember.   They were always very philanthropic, and Kadima was their primary target, their number one charity.  They passed the value of giving back onto my dad who in turn passed it to me and my brother and sister.  Family is first but charity is a close second to that,

Kadima is very important to my family. My uncle was diagnosed with schizophrenia  in  high-school , and has been a client at Kadima for many years.  My Grandparents wanted him to have the best possible life that he can live, and they also wanted that for others who might be in the same situation.  Kadima has given him that.  

After graduating college in 2005 I moved to Chicago for ten years.  While I was away, I still made it a point to participate in Kadima events and stay connected as much as possible, specifically by attending the Lois Zussman Kadima Golf Classic. After moving back to the area two years ago I became more involved by joining the committee for the golf outing, which both my father and grandfather are a part of.  I had been exposed to things from afar, but I was finally able to see for myself what Kadima was all about.  I had always been passionate about it, but being back in the Detroit area I was able see it all in more detail for myself.

 I absolutely love the golf outing and what it does, supporting the clients and the Activity Center.  Over the years, many friends of mine have also become a part of the event through my involvement .  I love that I have been able to share this event and Kadima with those close to me. The fact that the outing was named after my Grandmother, Lois, in her honor, it makes it all that much more special.  I know that she would be very proud.

In the future I would love to expand on my involvement  with Kadima.  I look forward to when my children are older and I can share with them what Kadima is all about and involve them as well. To be able to pass along that same spirit of giving and those basic fundamentals that were taught to me, that would be my ultimate goal.