Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.

By Eric Adelman

Welcome to the new Kadima website! We hope you will spend time here frequently to learn about the important goings-on at Kadima, find new ways to engage with and support us and learn more about mental health.

It is that last item which is the focus of this, our first-ever blog post. Why does it matter? First, I’d like to share some statistics.

One out of every five people in the world has a Facebook account. One out of five is from China, and the same number – one out of five - will be aged 65+ by the year 2035.

As you might expect, Facebook is a global presence, China is a global power, and more attention, research and support are given to issues of aging than ever before. And rightfully so – when 20 percent of the population shares a need, faces the same challenge or joins together in a common network, they receive attention – from the government, the media, investors, philanthropists and the community.

So, back to our question: Why does mental health matter?

I’m sure you’ve guessed the answer by now. One of every five people has a diagnosable mental illness. That’s one out of every five people at your family reunion, in your office, in your classroom.

One out of five.

Kadima is committed not only to providing residential, clinical and recreational services for people with mental health challenges but education and outreach to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and to ensure everyone has access to care.

Mental illness can be difficult to understand. It cannot be seen, like a skin rash, nor detected by machines, like a tumor. But contrary to biases built up over millennia, it can often be diagnosed, treated and managed. The key is to get people to seek help.

If one out of five people faces a challenge, it is our job as a society to provide care, treatment and hope. That is Kadima’s mission. That is our purpose.

So if you or a loved one needs help, call us today. One out of five…needs Kadima.