Community Reflections

Hear from our community and staff on how Kadima is helping our clients move forward.

Several years ago, I got involved with Kadima at the recommendation of a colleague, and as I learned more about its mission, my enthusiasm to join it grew. Mental health is a very important issue that too often people like to sweep under the rug and does not get the attention it merits because of the stigma still surrounding the subject. eric and evan 16

Written By: Evan Leibhan

Right now at Kadima, we are actively engaged in on our strategic plan for the next five years to expand the number of people we can reach and continue our growth into more and better ways to serve the community. The goal is to continue to provide service to the individuals we already have, to look for opportunities to bring new people in and to fill the mental health niche in the greater community.

To accomplish this, we have a great management team, and we’re getting the Kadima name out into the community more than ever, reaching more people and continuing to improve the services we provide. For example, we’re helping people who are currently living in our houses find independence quicker and increasing the amount of activities in our Activity Center in response to client surveys.

Kadima provides a vital service, and a lot of the assistance we provide is professional services. We are blessed to have a lot of volunteers, and that is important, but the biggest area where we need help is funding. To accomplish all we’ve set out to do, we need supporters to help by making direct contributions or finding ways to make indirect contributions. In the past, we’ve even had people donate their homes for Kadima to use to help expand our services.

There are so many families who have someone who is touched by mental health issues, and everyone who is receiving help from our organization is a member of our community. If you ask around I’m sure you have friends and relatives who know someone who is receiving services for their mental health.

Kadima is a “nobody left behind” kind of organization. We’re all family; we’re all trying to help each other out. And it’s reassuring to know that should anything happen to you, your children, your parents or your other loved ones, there’s an organization here that can not only help put a roof over their head but help them live the best life they can live, without shame or regret but hope and enjoyment.

It’s fulfilling to know that people will have a place through an organization that will provide them with the services they need and a sense of community and hope they wouldn’t have without Kadima. I’m happy we have an organization like this to help people who need it.