Gifts of all sizes can make an impact and help individuals and families in our community who struggle with mental health challenges.

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Many companies these days provide a corporate match for donations their employees make to local organizations. If you made a $100 gift to Kadima, there is a good chance your company will make a 100% matching gift. Most companies make it easy by simply notifying the right people that you have made a gift. Kadima currently has several donors whose regular donation is doubled each time they give. You can do it too.

This is a list of some current companies that provide corporate matches for gifts employees make to organizations. If you do not see your company, you can ask someone if they offer this option, as this list doesn't include all companies.

Company List

For more information about corporate matching to support Kadima, contact Michelle Malamis, Development Director, at

248-663-4343 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.