Kadima provides a continuum of residential, clinical and educational/outreach programs for members of the community with mental health challenges.

Kadima provides individual therapeutic support to all clients interested in receiving services. Individual services are tailored to the needs of the person served and may include everything from supportive listening to evidenced based best practices determined by diagnosis. Kadima also offers a wide spectrum of therapeutic support groups for clients, friend and family of Kadima. Included are Men’s Group, Young Adult Group, Interrupted Lives Group, Women’s Group and Friends and Family Support Group. Therapeutic support groups at Kadima are predicated on the theory and practice that the best support comes from those with lived experience. Groups are led and/or supervised by licensed master’s prepared clinicians; and content for groups is based on a combination of client input and evidence based practice. 

Individual Counseling

Kadima provides clinical services, both individually and in groups for Kadima clients and their family members, as well as for community members seeking outpatient therapy. Master’s level...

Family Counseling

Therapists are available to help families improve communication and interpersonal relationships, develop skills to help children diagnosed with emotional challenges, provide sibling support and other...


Kadima develops support groups as needs arise. Some groups are held at the Kadima administrative office in Southfield and others are held in partnership with local religious or community...